[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (4)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school.

5.25 Their Story

[1] Ria El Nermia


“We, the school of Arucia, are being funded by countless noble families in the country, and all the weapons we use in training can be acquired at less than the market price. Also, the countless knights in the empire will come to teach the students, and they will do their best in order to inherit all their knowledge to the students! Sword arts is a great subject that leads to great things. And precisely because of that, we need great students filled with passion and motivation!”


A bulky professor passionately shouted these words in the middle of the stage. The professors all sounded pretty appealing at the start, but after finding out that all the speakers basically said the same thing, things quickly got boring.


I wanted to sneak off into some other place to read, but since my uncle seemed to be extremely interested in everyone’s speeches, I couldn’t bring myself to do so.


-…Is this supposed to be mental torture? I’ve seen some nasty demons in hell who drive their victims insane by repeating the same thing over and over again. Is this the same thing?

[Shut up.]


At this moment, the only reason why I’m awake is because of Sutr, the demon who formed a contract with me. This is the giant who destroyed an entire mythology, and the being that truly suits the title of the demon king… the being that the instruc… no, the being that the teacher turned into my slave.


I used to think of demons as something great, powerful, and scary, but thanks to Sutr, I began to perceive them to be more like gossipers.


-It’d be better if the audience was in an uproar or something. It being so quiet here just makes it too easy to hear the man speak.



After the professors from Arucia finished, the professors from Marcia came up to talk.


“We, the school of Marcis, are being funded by the Magic Towers, and all the ingredients we use in our experiments can be acquired at less than the market price. Also, the teachers will be hand-picked by all the different masters of Magic Towers in the Empire, and they will do their best in order to pass on all their knowledge to their students! Magic is a great scholarly subject that leads to great things. And precisely because of that, we need great students filled with passion and motivation!”


…They’re literally just repeating the same thing over and over.


-…I thought this was a different school? Why are they talking about the same thing from before?

[…Maybe this really is supposed to be mental torture.]


The students here would probably go to the school their family went to for generations anyway, so there’s really no point of them being here. But then again, while most of the people here already have good enough grades to study in what they want to study, they also have good enough grades to study something else in a different school.


But then again, that’s only because they decided to give up on other subjects, and instead go all in for the subject they actually wanted to study.


The reason why they did that is because the entrance exams for the four schools work a little strangely. Instead of having a fixed grade, the tests for each of the subjects have an unlimited amount of points you can get. If you exceed the number of points required for one test, the rest of the points get distributed to a different test. So if you do exceedingly well on the magic test, but get a zero in the summoning test, you would still be able to go to Yugrasia.


Ah, of course, I got an extremely high score on everything. The old me would have struggled with summoning and sword arts quite a bit, but I’ve learned a lot in the last three years.


[I learned so much in that time…]

-…And I lost quite a bit during then.


Thanks to that… I really don’t see any reason to go to a school. I mean, I do have to spend three years at the least in school, but… would it be worth it?

But when I came back, my parents sobbed profusely, and apologized for all they did over the years. They promised that they’d raise me like a normal kid, and sent me here…


Because of that, I swore that I’d at least try to lead a good life here. For my parents.


“Next, professor Nicerwin from Yugrasia will be presenting a short speech for the students.”


Nicerwin Ein. That name immediately grabbed my attention.


He was a man who was revered in both the Tower of Sages and the Summoner’s Association, and it was said that not many people had ever seen him before.


There were countless theories regarding who the man was. Some said he was born weak, and had a terminal illness, and was therefore being treated in a village of the elves, and others said that Nicerwin Ein was not a single man, but a team. Still others claimed that he was a prophet sent by the gods. The man was truly someone shrouded in mysteries.


He was someone whose theories and intelligence attracted the attention of even the Magic Towers. But when I saw this man appear on stage, I became extremely shocked.


-T, that bastard! It’s him!



The shock I got from this caused enough noise to attract my uncle’s gaze. But this all disappeared as soon as the professor said his next words.


“I do not think that there are a lot of people trying to get into Yugrasia at the moment.”


[…It’s not him.]

-What the hell?! He looks exactly like the man!


Nope. Naruan looks similar to my teacher, but it wasn’t him. There’s no way teacher would smile like that. Come to think of it, the way Naruan acted was completely different from teacher.


[He just looks similar.]

-No… it’s definitely him? They look exactly the same!


[They’re completely different. Naruan talks and acts differently. He has a different voice as well. And why would he be coming to the capital, especially when he’s being chased by the princess? Also, didn’t you hear about how he escaped to a different country a while back?]

-…Even so, that face…


[Do you actually think teacher is capable of smiling? Like that?]



When I reached a conclusion of my own, one of the parents in the audience stood up and shouted something.


“Wait! Aren’t you Nicerwin Ein, the man who is known to have the most amount of knowledge regarding summoned beasts?!”

“Yes, I am.”

“So the information that you have regarding summoned beasts are in the school as well? I heard that you know all about them! Is it actually true that you have information regarding S-ranked beasts?! Also, does the book of all summoned beasts that you claimed to have made… actually exist?!”


-The summoner’s book? What’s that?

[It’s a book that Nicerwin Ein wrote. It’s said to contain all the information regarding every one of the summoned beasts that exist in the world. This bit of information came from the elves, so it’s very unlikely to be false.]


What’s important about contracting with summoned beasts is how much you know about them.

These summoned beasts can be anything from elementals, all the way to gods. If you want to form a contract with something like a god, you need to know what ticks these gods off, and what doesn’t. In the end, knowledge is what matters the most when you try to get a good beast.


Just look at me. I managed to form a contract with a demon king, did I not? If the summoner’s book truly exists, it’d give unlimited potential to any new summoners in the world. They’d be able to contract with those that are one, three… no, about five levels stronger than they are.


“You want the summoner’s book? You can have it! Search for it! I left everything this world has to offer in that book!”


With that, everyone in the auditorium began to shout. Summoned beasts can be summoned as long as someone has even a little bit of magic.


In other words, just about anyone here should be able to at least attempt to contract a beast.


Seeing how even my uncle, who seemed determined to send me to Marcis, almost became tempted to send me to Yugrasia, I see no reason to explain just how great that book is.


Of course, I’d be going to Marcis in the end. A lot of my relatives work there, and my grandfather’s people are there, too.


So there should be no way I’d meet that professor Nicerwin person.


…That’s what I thought, but.


“You seem to be very talented in summoning.”

“Ah, right…”


I met him just ten minutes after getting out.

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