[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (12)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

“Now, here are your tests…”

“It’s here!”


“Oi, you bastards! At least pretend to take the sheet!”


7:10AM. As soon as the professors entered the room, the third years burst outside. And!


“The target is the eleventh floor!”

“Take the stairs! We still outnumber the faculty! Stop them from following us at the stairs!”


Again, most of the defenses of the faculty are located in the seventh floor. This was to prevent the faculty from being pressured by everyone in the floors below after setting up defenses in the eighth floor. Since most of them are in the seventh floor, there’s no way the floors above floor eight would be guarded by anyone!


The professors soon realized what the third years were trying to do, and attempted to go up, but it was difficult to get through two entire floors guarded by students.


“We leave it to you, president!”

“Show us your persuation skills!”

“Prove to us that you didn’t go to school for four years for nothing!”


The sea of students parted before Nerkia, like the red sea parted for Moses. Countless encouragements cheered on Nerkia from both sides.


“Right, I’ll do it!”




The student council, who managed to take over the announcement room, managed to set up an announcement to the entire school with the sound tech students.




-My name is Nerkia Nes Leria. And I want to ask each every one of you students, no, my comrades, a question. Aren’t you… angry?


Sure, us third years are all trying to get out of here, since we’re done with everything. To the first years, who still have much to overcome, and to the second years, who realized the harshness of the world, the great wall known as the faculty might seem impossible to break through. Right, this is reality. After all, the grades you get in your second year determine your entire future. After all, the companies in the empire would recieve your grades after the end of second year. And one of the biggest things that determine your grade in this school are the professors. Because of this, you need to try to look good to the teachers, and you need to try not to rebel in front of them. I get it. This is what reality is like.


But… let’s not think about reality for a moment. Aren’t you angry? Aren’t you angry that you have to stay in school even after classes end to study? Do they think we do nothing back in our dorms? Do they think we don’t even study back in our dorms? To be honest, we don’t. Of course we don’t. We don’t do shit even if they tell us to study inside school, so why’d we study in our free time? But even if this makes us angry, we need to stay quiet. But… but then again. It really does get me angry. If you’re trying to get me to study, just make me study. Why are you provoking us to run? If you just tell us to study and end it at that, we’d just study quietly in school. We’d complain, and run every once in a while, but we’d


By the way… you know what makes me really angry? They told mostly study. But the faculty just decided to tell us to run outright. Who do they think we are? We’re one of the students that go to one of the most prestigious schools in the empire. We outnumber the faculty by ten times. But even so, they’re still provoking us!

us to run, and we tried to run, but we failed countless times. That’s what makes me angry. Can’t students win against teachers? Is it impossible for students… no, us… to surpass our teachers?! I don’t think that’s true. If, if we as the students, gather our power. If we decide to unite together! We’d be able to take down any faculty in any of the schools! That’s what I think. And so… I’ll just end this with this one statement.


Those of you who are pissed off about staying after school. Those of you who are pissed about having to be the teacher’s pet. And, those of you who are pissed at seeing us fail all the time, please help. At least a little bit.




Nerkia put down the mike when the announcement ended.


“This is the best we can do. We can only trust the underclassmen from now! Let us go! To the battlefield!”

“There is no need to go, for I am here.”

“Professor Arhan?!”

“They already took down our defenses?!”

“No. Since professor Nicerwin told us that it was about time for the students to move towards the upper floors, we decided to set up some defenses up above. But to think you’d go for the announcement room. We didn’t even consider that happening. So, you say you’re angry?! Then take me down!”


Professor Arhan and the professors next to him summoned their beasts. Professor Arhan had an armor-spirit! A giant dragonscale armor was slowly appearing above the professor. And the teachers behind him each summoned an earth elemental and a wind elemental!


“Now, let us…”

“H, hold on!”

“Even though you are of the student council, I cannot go easy on you. No, I shouldn’t!”


A giant mace appeared in the hands of professor Arhan. The man usually used a giant sword in battle, but as he was going against students, he was unable to kill them! The moment he was about to swing his weapon, though, Nerkia stopped him.


“The stuff here’s expensive!”

“Ah… Sorry.”


Arhan immediately stopped his attack, and moved away. Right. While the students united firmly as they raised their grades, skills, and knowledge while running away, the materials that got broken along the way were costing the school an immense amount of money!


By the way, the tools inside the announcement room were all magic tools. Made in Magic Tower! If people began fighting in a place like this, the school would lose a colossal amount of cash.


This is something that neither the faculty nor the student council wants!


Students lined up in a single file, and exited the room one by one. Then, they all turned to professor Arhan, and prepared to figh…




…none of them were stupid enough to fight!


“Y, you!”


The two professors behind Arhan immediately cast spells to attack the running students, but the student council, who could be considered to be the elites of the school, dodged the attack and began moving down.


“We have a huge number of teachers downstairs!”

“What do we do now?”

“Just charge through! The target is the first floor! The door to Avalon lies in the first floor!”




The students on the eighth floor made up their minds, and began moving. No, they tried to move down.


“…What’s this?”


But what lay in front of them were countless corpses. No, these were their comrades spread out across the floor trembling in fear.


“Comrade Aris, just what is going on?”


Nerkia, who was the first to witness this, shouted to Aris, who was trembling in a suit of shining armor.


“…A demon. A demon is here.”


Her pale face turned even paler, and she raised her finger to point towards a single place.


“Heehee! Wham wham! Yap! Hiya!”


On that day, students received a grim reminder.


They lived in fear of the silver demon and were disgraced to live in these cages we called Yugrasia.


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  1. Hahaha. I feel so sorry for all of them. I know Ria didn’t go there and is probably very happy. But I have a feeling the silver demon will visit her personally…..


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