[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (11)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

“We can’t keep going like this.”


Nerkia nodded as soon as he heard this.


“Far too little first and seconds years are actually doing anything.”


The way that Yugrasia, no, the four schools worked was simple. New students get into first year, and after they spend a year in school, they become second years. After that, they become a third year.


The first years can be described with the word “pride”.


As many of them got tutored in their respective noble families, everyone had an extremely large amount of pride. Well, pride is a nice way of putting it. In reality, these students just didn’t have common sense.


Because of that, the kids in first year are chock full of people who thinks they’re great. That’s why a lot of accidents and fights occur in this year.


Since they got loaded with the best kind of education in their homes, it’s expected that they’d be very smart! This is the same for schools like Mercaria as well. There’s a huge difference between kids who work to earn money and study in their free time, and kids who just get taught by great teachers in their homes at all times.


The second years can be described with the word “calm”.


In the previous year, the ranks between students get chosen. These students realize how insignificant they are, and begin to quiet down.


This is also the time when they learn about how societies work, and it is also the time when they care about how teachers look at them the most. In this time, students get outside to learn from their seniors.


Lastly, the third years. They can be described with the word… “chaos”.


This is the time when the personalities from the first years appear again. This is when everyone’s pretty much done with everything. They’ve adapted to the environment of the school, and have gotten smarter. They’ve become much more adept in avoiding getting into trouble.


But the thing that’s the most important here is… the third years have nothing to do. Once they enter their third year, everyone knows how to graduate.


Because of this, many of the third years are trying to run from the night study time! But the number of first years in the Student Liberation Army just rose to 30 people (five joined), and only seven of the second years are trying to run.

They know if they have to graduate in that year, stay for one more year, or stay for two years.


They start making deals with their family, and begin enjoying school life. During this time, many relationships begin to form, but grades begin to fall as a result.


“…Even though the key to our victory is at the location of the second years…”


Yugrasia had a total of twelve floors, and floors three to eight were used as classrooms. The key to victory was at the place where the first and the third years could meet, the classes of the second years!


Not only that, unlike the first years, whose numbers only amounted to a hundred people, there were more than three hundred second years in the school. Therefore, it could be said that the classes of the second years was where the sleeping dragon lay.


“We can do it as long as the second years make their move. After all, most of the teachers that teach the second years have to try to stop us from running away.”


It was mentioned before, but the third years are those who could be called veteran summoners. They are also a grade that contains a host of people who stayed for four to five years along with the most amount of students. In other words, they are the strongest students in the entire school. These students are dangerous even to the teachers! After all, this was the grade that managed to get all the way down to the first floor from the eighth floor. And since there’s up to eight hundred students in this grade, many of the professors set up their defenses in the seventh floor.


“If the second years come with us, we can win.”

“But they are slaves to their grades.”


The school changed. This means that the world of the students changed.


In the past, students could study for up to five years before graduating, but things have changed. Stay in a place like this for five years? Nonsense!


The third years who planned to study for one or two more years were currently crying tears of blood, and the fifth years were wondering why they decided to study for five years when they could’ve graduated in their first year. Everyone was pretty much cursing their past selves for being so lazy.


The second years thought the same as well.


-If I stay here for one more year, I die!


Let’s finish school in one year!

For the first time in history, all the second years were trying to graduate in three years!


“How are the test problems?”


Nerkia, who tried to find the most peaceful solution to escaping, was unable to hide his shock at the report he just got.


“…I’ve tried requesting the Summoner’s Association and the Magic Towers to take a look at it, but they barely understood anything. According to my uncle, the answer to these problems… are probably in Nicerwin’s book of summoning… ”

“…In other words, we can’t graduate with this?”

“We might, as long as we stay here for ten years.”

“Haha, the school would be gone by then. They wouldn’t have graduates for ten years, after all. It would be faster to make the school go bankrupt.”

“…Should we just shut down the school?”

“Oi, you idio…”


Nerkia, who was just about to shoot out a stream of swears to the student who said this, felt some powerful realization strike his head.


-W, we can do that?!

“T, that’s genius?”


“Wait, hold on. Don’t you guys get why this happened?”


Aris stopped everyone as soon as the discussion turned into that of how to end the school.


“The school became like this because they were about to go down! What do you think they’d do if their situation became worse? They’d get even worse than now!”

“…No way they’d do that…”

“Think about it. Our enemy is Nicerwin.”


The title “professor” had disappeared a long time ago. But then again, students never addressed teachers by their title when talking privately anyway!


“…Well, can’t refute that.”

“Eh, if they make things worse than this…”

“They would stop us from sleeping.”

“Mm… we just have to give up sleep.”

“…They might actually do that?”

“Since the faculty’s full of former soldiers, they should be able to stay up for a few nights?”

“Holy shit, they aren’t gonna let us sleep?”



Nerkia shouted when the meeting room began to get noisy. When everyone turned towards him, Nerkia stood up from his spot, and began to speak.


“There is no longer a place we can run to. It is true that classes got much better than before. It is true that we are improving at great speeds. But… our freedom is being sacrificed in the process! As students begin summoning extremely strong beasts, our complaints become meaningless. Now… It is time for us to take back our freedom! And today… today is the day we begin our first battle!”


A warmth began to rise up in everyone’s chests. Right. They’ve realized something after countless tries of getting out. They can’t win like this. They needed to do something new!


“Comrades, today, we may have to sacrifice many of us. Many of our friends may fall in this great battle. But! Each and every one of our sacrifices will be the stepping stones to our freedom. So let us fight! Let us fight against our tyrants! We will take back our freedom with our own hands!”




Nerkia’s speech was able to rile up the morale of the students in the room. And when this morale reached its peak, Nerkia shouted.


“We start at seven! When the clock strikes seven, we all move simultaneously!”


The resistance of the students was finally beginning to take form.

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