[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (8)

Chapter 4. And so their story begins. 

“…So this is the power of the legendary metal bat.”


Rein said this as he trembled on the ground.


“Sorry. Cia came to me saying the same thing in the escape path.”

“…What’d she want?”

“She wanted to elope.”

“…You were lucky to come back alive.”


Looks like he knows something. Hoho, Cia, you scary girl.


-She was a total yandere…

[I guess so.]


She probably recovered by now, so let’s finish this quick.


“I collected all the heirlooms. The one with the flower’s probably the one from the Nermia family.”

“Probably… aren’t you being too irresponsible?”

“I wasn’t the one who stole it, so I wouldn’t know.”


…There isn’t proof, right? There’s no material proof at the scene, so it’s all good.


“…Is that it?”


Let’s just erase his suspicious gaze by showing him the metal bat again…



“…What about you?”

“You don’t have to worry about me.”

“No, I’m worried about myself…”

“You don’t have to worry. The one who’s behind all this is the princess.”

“…That worries me even more.”


This was the kid who was trying to become the best host in the capital. He probably heard a few rumors about the princess already. That’s probably why he’s scared, but.


“I worked with the princess in the past.”

“…You seem to have done a lot of strange things.”

“It was because of the rumors that the metal Mistein was there. I was there for about 2 years? I think that’s why the generation before Cia became so rebellious.”

“…The legendary generation. They took half of the organization with them and made a new organization of their own, didn’t they?”

“…The organization needed the metal to make the device that restricts energy, so I was needed outside despite having to leave my disciples. But in the end, we failed to secure the metal.”


No need to tell him about how I smuggled it away.


“…So the point is, the princess isn’t really like the rumors say?”

“Well, the rumors are actually pretty downsized.”

“…That’s even worse!”


I sighed as I looked at Rein scream in pain.


“She doesn’t care about where you’re from, as long as you have talent. She is confident that she would be able to reform anyone. And in reality, she actually can do that.”

“…So it’s fine as long as she thinks I’m useful?”



Rein began to think after hearing this. Because of the princess’ face, it went without saying that the males treated her nicely. On the other hand, she got a lot of hate and jealousy from the females, even though it wasn’t really shown outright.


But she knows that already. But what if Rein was there?


Even though he looks like this, he could potentially rank himself at first place in the capital’s host club. No, he is probably better than that. And the host club is a place where the nobles go to in the first place.

Rein, who can seduce all kinds of noble women into his stead, could probably look favorable towards the princess.


“Then what is she like?”

“What, you planning on seducing her?”

“…Not planning on dying any soon. No, in the first place, being in love with someone in this job would get you killed in an instant.”


Yeah, it wouldn’t be strange if he actually died.


“…Well, she’s… like Cia.”




The moment the words left my mouth, Rein grabbed on my leg.


“T, take me! I don’t want to die!”

“…Just what does Cia look like to you…”

“A yandere! A total yandere! I could see the madness in her! So what if she’s pretty, what if she’s talented? No, her beauty and talent is what actually scares me the most!”



His accurate observations rendered me speechless. But…


“Then there is no one who would deliver this for me.”

“…Y, you’re trying to kill off your disciple because of a simple delivery?!”


I sighed when I looked at Rein clinging onto me with tears in his eyes. Then, I spoke a few words to him.


“Will you just leave, or will you get beat and leave?”


Of course, I said this as I raised the metal bat in my hand.


“I, instructor… Don’t… I’m gonna die…”

“I’m telling you, she’s not gonna kill you.”

“But she’s like Cia!”

“If you don’t run fast, that Cia’s going to come here.”



I poked the now-delirious disciple with the metal bat, and spoke.


“Stupid child… Where do you think you’re taking this package to?”

“That kid, obviousl…”

“Where is that kid from?”

“The Nerm…ia…”

“Yeah. The Nermia family. It’s a family that even the emperor can’t touch easily.”


Well, it’s supposed to be like that, anyway. From what I’ve heard, the emperor seems like a person who’s willing to screw anyone if he feels like it. But then again, he’s not stupid, so I don’t think he’d actually do that.


“Also, since these are the heirlooms of multiple noble families, you should actually be rewarded for returning them. No, they may actually want to silence you. After all, some families still do not realize that their family heirlooms are fake.”


That “silencing” part may be an assassination, but that’s unlikely as he would bring in quite a lot of heirlooms with him. No, before that, no one would touch him, as he would become quite close to the princess and the Nermia family.


“You’ll be safe just by bringing this with you.”

“Then… Can’t you come with me?”

“…I’ll give you this, so just go.”


The man’s face began to turn greedy when I handed him the final gift.


“Y… you’re giving this to me?”

“As long as you have this, you won’t die. But again, the princess doesn’t kill anyone who is useful to her.”



He began to think as he stared at the object that I gave him.


“…I’ll do it.”

“…Good choice.”


The guy did do a lot of work, to be honest. He worked hard so far.


“Take this.”

“Thank you!”


Perhaps this was what the scene from old martial arts novels were like. The scene of a Pope from the Demon Church handing down orders to his faithful subordinate… Rein held out his hands whilst kneeling in front of me.

Well… things would get troublesome if this thing gets out into the world, but who cares? It’s not like people would use this thing, anyway. Maybe it’d get used in a torture chamber at the worst?


I handed the wooden bat to Rein, and put my hand on his shoulder.


“Work hard.”

“Thank you!”


I briefly looked at him shout, and began thinking about my hideouts.


-You aren’t gonna use that from now?

[It looks strange, which might draw too much attention.]


-What about me tho?

[You can shapeshift, so it’s fine.]


-Hng… it’s tiresome though…

[I won’t ask you to turn into something difficult. Mm… a bracelet is enough?]


-Turning to something smaller than this is hard… Becoming two bracelets for each arm is harder too…

[I’ll… let you move freely.]


-For real? Holy shit! What the heck?!


I smiled, and answered its question.


[I need that ability of yours at the place where I will run to.]

-Where are you going to run to?


I took a look at the burning Organization. If I go a little further over that place, I should be able to run to a different country. Normally, I’d run there, but…


[We’re going to the capital.]

-…Where exactly?



One of the four great schools in the Empire.

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  1. I have a feeling “ … things would get troublesome if this thing gets out into the world, but who cares? It’s not like people would use this thing, anyway.” is actually going to be a HUGE problem lol. Like everything else he thought hmm maybe issue. Nah.


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