[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (5)

Chapter 4. And so their story begins. 

“Oh good, you did actually come this way.”


…Oh deary me. Can I just get a ghost instead?


“What’s this? You look like you saw a ghost.”


Hoho, If only I was actually looking at a ghost right now…


“Why are you here.”


I looked around, trying to check if there were any assassins nearby, but it wasn’t like I could find them in the first place. Most assassins used energy to hide their bodies, meaning that they would be invisible to me.

No, before that, the fact that this girl in front of me found this place is a huge problem.


“Oh my, isn’t it obvious that a former disciple would come to visit her teacher~?”


Her grinning face might look extremely charming, but right now it just looks like a face of a god damned succubus. Before that…


“How did you know about this place?”


This was a path that I created using the dwarven magic tools that I smuggled in here. Do you even realize how much money I spent on making this thing?! I had zero mana, so I had to use extra-expensive magic tools that didn’t cost any mana at all!


And since I couldn’t even activate the magic stones on those tools, I had to make the kids activate it as a “test” and use those stones for several days straight digging the path! It’s a path that’s filled with my blood and sweat! No one was supposed to know about this!


I guess she isn’t running the information department for nothing?! Did she find out all the secret paths already?!


I thought various thoughts like these in panic, but the response I got was pretty dull.


“I found it while digging an escape path?”



I spoke with a slightly surprised tone, but she didn’t seem to have noticed. Well, to be more exact, she seemed to be recalling some past memories of hers, seeing how she was frowning quite harshly.


“Well… after the metal bat came out, I began digging an escape path with the other kids… and found this?”


…She was actually thinking of running.


“Why didn’t you run?”

“…Too many traps. And by the time we managed to get through all of them, you were done with us.”

“Is that it… then why are you here? Is it the organization?”


The kid shook my words away with her hands, and smiled.


“Teacher, do you… no, did we even have loyalty for this organization in the first place? The empire gets destroyed once it loses power, and the kingdom gets disintegrated once it loses its meaning. And an evil organization can get destroyed at any time in history. That was what you said, remember?”


…I said that?




My mouth says the opposite of my thoughts. The bat mumbled something in my head, but I just ignored it and kept talking.


“But the organization did not get destroyed ye…”

“It did, though?”


The girl cut me off before I even finished my sentence. I thought the Utopia project and the status of the Organization would have bought some time, but I guess not…

I only managed to understand how the organization fell so quick thanks to the girl’s next words.


“One of the 3 fighter groups in the organization got beat up by you, and the financial manager took away all the money and ran. I took my people away using one of your secret paths as well. And it turned out that the biggest fighting force in the organization was a part of the empire all along.”

“…Rian was?”

“I think he was a descendent of the Hascell family? He basically took over half of the Black Sword Corps, and he took away basically all the classified info in the organization as well.”


…Hoho, that damn trash was actually a noble. I thought he was a kid from the hood or something?! How the hell did that kid who swore faster than a street rapper manage to be some noble’s kid?


No, before that, since Rian was friends with one of the head commanders in the Black Sword Corps, it makes sense that he took over about half of them, but…


“Even so, it’s too fast.”


Even if the Black Sword Corps helped the imperial troops get in, there’s still the elite forces of the boss that needed to be defeated. That should have bought quite a…


Well, that’s what I thought, but.


“The Sword Saint killed all the elites.”


…Wow, ok.


“Not only that, me and Geral brought our elite troops and killed them as well.”


Mm, so… in conclusion…


“Because of that, the rest of the members of the Organization who are still alive are just dying to kill you~”


…What the hell?! Why?!



“Isn’t it obvious? Me and Geral betrayed, our seniors were all spies, our juniors ran away already, and the kids you’re taking care of are kind of like spies as well. In other words, you’re basically at the center of everything.”

“So in other words, I became the person who destroyed this organization?”

“Well, more like, they think you came here specifically to destroy them?”

“What about the empire?”

“Mm… they want you pretty badly as well. Just when did you manage to get acquainted with the princess… Ah, she was the person who hired me in the first place. She said she’d make us government officials as long as you were captured.”


-Wao… this princess is a total yandere.


Yeah… then…


“So you came here to capture me, then?”


Cia smiled when I asked this.


“No, I came here to elope!”


-…She seems to be a lot worse.


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