[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (3)

Chapter 4. And so their story begins. 

4.5 Their Story

[1] Serr Al Acerid: Ah, I wish… this wasn’t real…


“Really? Go ahead and kill everyone, then.”


The golden-haired kid stared at me with a grin on his face.


Normally, I’d just have killed… actually, no. Normally, I’d just have beat him up really badly.

But I can’t do anything. Was it because he was a descendant of the Emperor? No. Not even the emperor’s sons would dare do anything to me. His daughter is a bit troublesome, but she couldn’t do something like that. Seeing the emperor’s son’s cousin do something like this would make me beat him to a pulp, but…


The problem lies in the fact that this kid is supposed to kill the demon king.


I’m not talking about any normal demon king either. I’m talking about the one that’s an actual danger to the world.

See, this world actually has three different types of demon kings.


First, the demon king.

The king of the demon race.

Of course, there aren’t many demon tribes that got together to form an actual country, but there are several demon nations out there.


Second, the demon king.

The spelling and pronunciation of it is no different from the first one, but this is supposed to be the ruler of demons sent by the Evil God.

These demon kings are bestowed with major blessings from the Evil God. The ones that manage to survive the blessings go onto become the demon king.


Unlike the excalibur, where you could just leave if you failed, the blessing would kill you if you failed. If you didn’t die, you’d become king.


Third, the demon king.

Again, written and pronounced the same.

But it’s different from the other two.


This demon king fights humans, but trades with them as well.


This is the same for humans. They fight each other, then trade with each other.

In other words, the this demon king isn’t friendly or evil, but neutral. The only thing different about the demon king compared to the human king would be his race.


The second kind of demon kings are mythical beings, just like the excalibur.

The one that would unite all the demons in the world. It might as well be called an emperor.


This is actually a bad thing for us humans. Why? Because in the myths regarding this demon king, it is said that this particular one would bring humans to ruin.


But the last kind of demon king is different.


It’s basically a final boss that would take in all the evil in the world, and bring the world to ruin.

If the last demon king was the king of the demon race, this one is the king of all demonic evils. Many say that this thing is just a myth, but I know for a fact that it is real. I know that it would appear in this world soon as well.


I also happen to know that the annoying kid in front of me would have to fight the demon king as well.


I’m actually a proph… actually, no. The reason why I know this is… I read about it.

Mm, I read it. I read it from a novel. From a different world.


I can still remember that time when I bought the novel. I thought it was a romance novel and got all excited about it, but it turned out to be a fantasy novel. I was still pretty excited about reading it, but the main character turned out to be an extremely kind idiot with super chuuni skills. I actually named it as one of the forbidden texts a long time ago, and only read it whenever I got really bored.


The main character of that novel activated a forbidden skill while fighting the demon king, swore at his author, who hadn’t been writing anything for over two years, then died.


So… by making use of the tidbits of information the author put in the novel, I managed to get all the mystical treasures the villains were supposed to get. Then, I beat up the previous Sword Saint with a Orihalcon Sword, and became the current Sword Saint… though I thought I was helping the world become peaceful by doing that…


I lost my status as a great Sword Saint because of that disgusting weapon, so I tried to take out some of my stress… but that damn kid suddenly got in my way!


The strange thing is, Raina Rel Swin isn’t supposed to be such an arrogant bastard. He’s doing this precisely because he knows I can’t kill him.


Come to think of it, there’s quite a lot of strange points in the current storyline. First, there’s the imperial princess who sent me here before anyone else did. She was supposed to have died already in the battle for the throne.

But she’s alive. The person who killed her was supposed to have died already as well, but because the imperial princess is alive, he’s alive as well. In fact, he somehow managed to enter a strange evil organization for some reason.


No, before that, this Nermia kid right here should be in the Mage’s Tower right now being lauded as a genius around this time, according to the normal storyline.


No, before that, a weapon that’s capable of neutralizing a Sword Saint like me destroys the balance of the novel completely! I’ve never seen anything like that in the novel!


“You… I’ll have a word with you later.”


The main character flinched when I glared at him, but he doesn’t lose his smile… Isn’t this thing supposed to be a novel? The main character was supposed to be a kind idiot who didn’t even seem to have a penis… He wasn’t like this in the novel!


Something’s wrong with the story. All the things in this world matches up with the things in the novel, but something seems to have changed recently. I thought that someone else had read the novel like me, but… things are too quiet. No one else other than me touched items that appeared in the novel as of yet.


Everything’s going along according to the plot, but all the main characters are a little strange.


“Take this.”


I threw an envelope at the old man who beat me mercilessly. That envelope was something the princess wrote, and it’s currently taking over the entire imperial court.


She’s not really doing anything out in the open as of yet, but she’s raising the crown prince really well. By the time that man becomes king, she’d have quite a bit of power in her hands.


…The people who are supposed to have died are taking over the country…


I tried to imitate the person who was actually supposed to be the sword saint as much as possible to keep the story consistent. So what went wrong? The story isn’t flowing right. And because of that, I have to suffer…


“What’s this?”


Ha, just look at his cold voice. That kind of a voice only looks cool when a handsome boy in a reverse harem does it… if an old man like that does it… mm… it actually fits. He looks like a type of guy who beats the main character to hell, but secretly cares about the main character. Kind of like a person who’d appear in a book genre that starts with a B and ends with an L?

…I’m actually not into stuff like that, so let’s just sweep what I said under the rug.


“Your previous employer sent it to you?”

“…Tell her I got it.”

Looking at how his face scrunched up after opening the envelope, I’m guessing the princess wrote a bunch of offensive stuff again. She’s pretty crazy, you see. Come to think of it, the crown prince is pretty weird too… As expected talented people are all weird. Except me, of course.

9 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (3)

  1. Waitwaitwait. The shifting POVs keep throwing me off, but does this mean the sword saint lady is also from another world? This is from her POV right?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. This is her POV, but she’s not from Earth. She read “a book from another world” and evidently thought it was prophetic. Which, in part, it may have been. Or the book and this world just have the same cliches.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. …is what it like to say, but how many otherworldly books made it thru that she knows what BL is?


  2. Come to think of it, how was she even able to read the novel? The language would be different, so either she is from that world, or she used language magic. (There’s also the option of “decoding” it but I don’t think she’s that smart.)


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