[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (2)

Chapter 4. And so their story begins.

-You’re screwed.


D, don’t say that.


I was unable to even calm down from my surprise. She was actually conscious?


“You were waiting?”


I said this as calmly as I could, but… I’m afraid. Am I gonna die? Is this it for me?


“…O, of course. Did you think a Sword Saint would be beaten by a mere stick?”


The Sword Saint seemed to get pissed by my question. But… her voice faltered just now, right?


“Then, just one more hit…”

“S, shut up!”


…My head almost went flying from that taunt. Thankfully, I barely managed to dodge, but I could still feel blood flow down from the new wound on my neck.


“W, who says I got done in by the bat?!”


I need to get her to be agitated. It’s all over once she regains her calm. For now, I took out the bat again.





“…You seem scared.”

“W… who says I am?!”


The Sword Saint began to run towards me. Her eyes were on the bat, though! I put my left hand in my pockets, and activated Sand Spray!


“W, what the! You unfair bastard!”

“There is no unfairness in a fight!”


The sand went directly into her eyes! It was super effective!


I just need to get in a single hit like before. I thought this, and quickly ran towards the Sword Saint.







The moment I took a step back out of instinct, the Sword Saint’s Life Sword sliced open the sky.




As I said, she literally cut open the sky. The roof was gone. There’s nothing above me. I can see the sky. Hoho…  I could see the Sword Saint rub her eyes as she mumbled a few words out of rage. In her right hand was her sword shining in a blindingly blue light.


-Master, what now? That’s scary.

[Run, of course.]


Fight that thing now? No way. My body right now is in a really bad shape.


-Where to, though?


…I wonder. There is a secret path at the place where the desk used to be, but would the Sword Saint let me run?




Was it because of the sand in her eyes? Or was it because she was in berserker mode? In any case, her red eyes combined with her killing intent made it hard to use.


Escape through the window? Not possible. It’s covered with steel.

The door? It has traps all over it.

The secret path? The Sword Saint is blocking it.


-Master, I was happy to have met you…

[…No comment.]


I’d have come up with a comeback in the past, but I didn’t really feel up to it right now. The reason why the Sword Saint’s sword was shining so brightly was because she was circulating energy in her body as well.

The reason why there are more female knights than soldiers is because of the energy. The energy’s power completely transcends that of the human body. If I were to fight the Sword Saint right now, my body would be split in half.


Why not use my sword arts on her? You know, such things can only be used when you can see your opponent. Right now, I could die before I even know it. If the Sword Saint really does go all out, my head would be separated from my body before I even know it.


Like this, my hope for survival began to dim. But right then, behind the Sword Saint, a head popped up from the entrance to the secret passage, and made eye contact with me.


The owner of that head, Rein, seemed to be saying this with his eyes.


[Ah, sorry. I think I came to the wrong place.]


I widened my eyes as far as I could, and sent back my message.


[You came to the right place!]


At the same time, I shouted as loudly as I could.


“Now! Attack!”


For a single moment, the Sword Saint’s surprised eyes met with Rein’s.


“What the hell are you doing here?”

“N, nothing!”

“Then why are you… Where do you think you’re going!”


A scary strong attack flew towards me, and… it broke the door and secured my escape!




While I was trying to see if I would break just like that door if I tried to run, small heads began popping up besides Rein.


“Wait my ass.”

“E, even so! I can’t find the heirloom without you!”


I prayed that 17 wouldn’t be able to see the secret safe in the corner, and spoke calmly.


“Well, you’re right.”


You’re right, so please let me live.


But the angered Sword Saint seemed to not care.


“I’ don’t give a damn about your heirloom?”


The length of the energy from the sword expanded from 40cm to 2m. I feel like I’d be stabbed the moment I take a step forward.


“W, wait! Then, the Nermia family will…”

“Just make a new one.”



Hoho, that sword just keeps getting bigger? I think a 10m long Life Sword is too much for an ordinary guy like me? You should at least give me a chance to escape?




102 glared at the Sword Saint, and shouted.


“…Was that shout directed towards me, kid?”


The Sword Saint glared back at 102. But the kid did not flinch even one bit.


“You have an obligation to protect us, do you not?”

“I don’t. My family can’t even control me, you know? There’s no way I’d have an obligation to protect anyone.”


The Acerid family. This family was famous for creating multiple Sword Saints in the past, and was also famous for having very strict rules in the family.


The one who stepped all over those rules was the current Sword Saint. This person was literally someone who would go “Obligation? What kind of a food is that?”


However, 102 simply smiled as he muttered “but” quietly.


“It would be annoying for you to go against the imperial decree, right?”


The Sword Saint’s eyes narrowed right then.


“It is. So why not kill everyone and erase evidence?”


At that moment, Rein’s face disappeared. He didn’t run, he just fell back from surprise. I could hear something roll down the secret passage, and heard a scream as well. Hoho, to think he’d actually roll down a set of stairs, the greatest murder weapon in a certain manga.


As I thought trivial thoughts, I began to slowly turn to the door. The boy pissed off the Sword Saint.


Sword Saint.

A saint of the sword arts. It indicated one of the five people who had the title of the sword, and the title was bestowed upon the swordsman who achieved great deeds in a generation.


Only the Sword Emperor can block someone like a Sword Saint.

I pissed off this person? I’m dead!


[He managed to piss off the Sword Saint… he’s dead for sure.]

-You pissed her off a lot more than the boy did?


…That’s why I’m really nervous right now. FYi, you’re probably gonna die after me, dear bat.


Was it because my life was on stake instead of his? 102 simply smiled even more after hearing the Sword Saint’s words.


“Really? Go ahead and kill everyone, then.”

That bastard… is he trying to go down with me?

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