[RATH!] Chapter 4. And so their story begins. (1)

Chapter 4. And so their story begins.

“We’re running.”


After taking the bat back from Rein, and after listening more about what had happened, I decided to run. Even though this place was the strongest evil organization on the continent, it was all because it was the biggest evil organization in the Empire.


In other words, Howling was treated as the strongest evil organization because the Empire was the strongest in the continent. If the Empire decides to attack Howling, it would mean that Howling would be done for!


The only reason why they were alive till now was because of the villages I set up on the outskirts. Without those, we’d have been dead already.



“…I have something to find.”


But there were people who opposed my proposition. Who were they? My disciples. Hoho, why are all my disciples so strange? I thought I tried to raise them all normally.


“Do you children have two lives or something?”


I lowered my voice as I said this. Well, I didn’t think it would really work, though.


“It’s more important than my life!”

“…Me too.”


As I thought, girls are more stubborn than boys. 102 simply glared at me, but didn’t say anything. The girls, on the other hand, wouldn’t back down.


“What are you trying to find?”

“…The family heirloom.”

“Vengeance for my parents.”


Hmm, is it just me, or do these sound like something that would come out of a novel?



“This organization stole our family’s heirloom.”

“…My parents were taken away.”


Mm… 46 is talking as if her parents had died, but the organization wouldn’t do something as wasteful as that, so we might be able to find them in one of the outskirt villages… Mm… And that heirloom… Did I steal it? I’m listening to the girl tell me what it looks like, and it feels like I saw something like it in the past? To be more specific, I feel like I saw it in the secret safe of mine?


“So… it has a lily carved out of white gold on it…”


Mmm… I think I stole something like that before… Was it a lily, though? No, all flowers pretty much look the same, but I do feel like I took something from the Nermia family before… Mm…


“D, do you know about it?”


Wow, those expectant eyes really are pressuring. Sorry, I think I was the one who stole it.


“Do you really need it?”



I’ll think a bit before answering. Should I just force her to leave, or should I just give it to her? …I should give it to her, right? If I get caught not giving it to her by the troops outside, I might die, right?


“Mm… I’ll look for it.”


Stop looking at me like that… ugh, so much guilt…


“46, your parents are probably still alive.”



I think this was the first time I saw her reply this past? In any case, I nodded, and turned to Rein.


“Did the organization kill anyone recently?”

“Mm, our members died a lot recently, but when it comes to civilians, only 5 died. We wouldn’t really touch country folk. There are bad rumors sometimes when a beautiful woman comes, but we aren’t low enough to touch a normal family.”

“I have heard something about you going for married women nowadays, though?”


Rein’s face turned red when everyone looked at him with cold eyes.


“T, those are just false rumors spread by my senior, so that I wouldn’t be able to become No. 1 in the club!”


…Ah, come to think of it, he’s not too far from becoming No. 1, huh. If he keeps doing his job well, he might actually become like Swal… wait, does that kind of a knight actually… exist here?


“In any case… Run for now. I’ll sort out a few things and leave.”

“…What about that, then?”


Rein pointed to the Sword Saint and asked this. What do you think, dear Rein? What do you think we’ll do with her?


“Throw her away.”

“…She’s the Sword Saint, though?”

“Yeah, she probably wouldn’t die even if we leave her like this. No, if she goes serious, we’d all die.”

“…Where shall we put her?”


I nodded towards the fellow, who paled immediately. Good, you learned well. You haven’t forgotten that survival is your ultimate objective.


“Just leave her. It would be annoying if she were to wake.”


I moved the desk away, and opened the floor under it.


“Go through this path. If the path splits, just go left.”

“What about you?”

“I’m going to sort out a few things. You just take the kids.”

“…You aren’t going to run, are you?”

“Being near the children is the safest way to escape from the Empire’s attack.”

“Ah, right.”


Rein nodded after hearing my words, and I nodded back. Yup, I’m running. I beat the kids of a noble family to oblivion, there’s no way I’d get out safely. I’ll just leave Rein to be the scapegoat, and run secretly.


“Leaven, then.”


After watching the kids all leave one by one, I approached my secret safe and began trying to open it.


“It’s just the two of us now, huh?”


W, what the… Before I was even able to turn, some kind of a cold metal touched my neck.


-You’re screwed.

D, don’t say that.

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