[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (10)

Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… 

Mm, thankfully, everything ended with the “Variations on Canon.”


Damn, this brings up memories of those rhythm games I used to play on my phone… Rhythm Star, was it?


In any case, I stashed away the drooling boys who seemed to have awoken to a dangerous new world into a secluded spot and made my way over to a village with my disguises on.


Hm, what would this village be, you ask? It’s a “normal” village that has quite a bit of my influence in it.

What would that be? Think of it as a branch of the Organization. Something that was created by the Organization through the use of slaves.


Why would the Organization do that? For safety, of course!


When you look at how heroes work; they level up after losing someone precious to them, and do whatever they can to destroy the organization that killed their family/friends.


If I were to put this in a different way, the heroes wouldn’t level up as long as their family and friends were untouched. Heroes are busy. They destroy everything they deem evil around them, but they don’t touch those who don’t touch them. We just need to stay out of their way.


This village also allowed us to have a hiding spot.


This is our village. We rule it. To the citizens here, we are like nobles, beings that rule them without having them know who we are. The one thing that separates us from nobles is the fact that we treat them better.


Those who heard of Utopias from a long time ago should know.

It is a fictional place, something that is completely imaginary.

There is no hunger. There is no violence. There is no need to think.


The Utopia that I created was no different. As long as you complete menial tasks, you get rewarded. You can live happily without working hard or thinking.


You might think that is a Utopia, but if there is someone above you doing all this, it’s no different from slavery.


We are the gods who give them happiness and erase violence.

There are no fools that would dare attack anything that belongs to the empire’s greatest evil organization, and it doesn’t even take much to maintain a village.


The village would then serve to work as human barriers to stop enemies.


The people of the villages are slaves. Victims. The people who have to be rescued.

By putting villages full of these people around the organization, a hero would question whether it’s right or wrong to destroy the organization, and it would be hard for the empire to attack.


It was honestly a half-assed idea at first, but it brought such an enormous result that I was assigned to office work as well as teaching. Plus, I already have a fake identity in the village. Since I manage the village myself, there’s no chance at all I’d be caught!


Why’d I come here, even when I’m being chased by the Organization? My retirement funds are all there! My precious metals! My gems! They’re all there! Also, I have to retrieve the bat. It’s too dangerous to have it out in the world.


…I just don’t want to lose it!


-Hey, master? Master? We’re gonna fight again, right? Hah… w, who are we going to beat?

“Shut up.”


-Hahn, you’re the only one who can hear me right now, though?



-Hnng… Master changed… you used to… stick me in a dusty place for days… oh wait, you haven’t changed much.

“You were quiet before, and now…”


-Well, I was mad because you stuck me in a place like that! B, but, that rhythm from a while back… Ha… this is why I like you~ ❤


I feel like I just got marked by a pervert. Also, I’m starting to think if this thing’s bipolar. I made this to have a little girl’s voice when I made it, but when it’s angry… what should I say… more like an old man? It’s strange how it changes like that.


Ah, don’t misunderstand. I’m no lolicon. What? You think I’m lying? Think, then. What if a voice of an ego weapon was that of an old man? Think about it. When you’re fighting or thinking, all of the sudden you hear the voice of an old man in you.


…You get why I made it like this? If I made the voice into a sexy woman… My Excalibur may break out of its seal.


-…I feel like you just thought of something pervy.

“I wasn’t thinking about you. Just be quiet.”


-…Tch, just what about me isn’t attractive?

“Metal club.”


-G, god damn it! I can change into all kinds of weapons, and I can even turn into a human! Just who’s making me look like this here?!

“Hitting people in that form gives me the best hand feel.”


-…You’re a perv too.


I entered my office through one of my 12 secret exits as I chatted with my metal bat. I came out from the back of my closet to the office and… Eh? Why am I smelling blood?


When I opened the door and peered into the office, I was able to spot a young woman who was sitting on the only chair in the office, with her legs up on the table. Her curves are amazing… No, before that, her smile as she strokes her sword is quite charming… No, before that.


“Did I see you before?”

“Hmm? Well, I am quite famous.”


The moment our eyes met, all my instincts told me to run.

And this feeling I’m getting here is…



My hand instinctively blocked the sword stroke. Fuck…


“Sword Saint.”

“Ehe~ so you know?”


The smile immediately turned into a grin. And.


“Well then… Let’s fight?”

Ah… I’m screwed.

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