[RATH!] Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. (7)

Chapter 5. Welcome to the summoner’s school. 

5.25 Their Story


[2] Nerkia Nes Leria


It’s been four years since I’ve started attending Yugrasia.

It’s almost time for me to graduate.


Unlike other schools, you can’t graduate from the four schools unless you get a certain grade.

That’s why I studied hard during the years. Just around the time when I was about to finish up sorting out my grades, though, a professor came to the school.


And that professor said this.


“You want the summoner’s book? You can have it! Search for it! I left everything this world has to offer in that book!”


That professor was Nicerwin Ein.


He was the man whose work was being widely recognized by the different organizations in the empire, and he was known to be the man who discovered every single summoned beasts in the world.

This man was shouting that he’d change the school.

When I saw this, I became greatly inspired by him.


And… right now, I just wish I could slap my past self.


“President! President?!”

“Ah… Yeah?”


I came back to reality when I saw the student council vice-president half-cry, half-shout at me. Right. I’m the Student Council President of this school, and…


“Professor Nicerwin and Sir Arhan is currently invading the second floor along with ten other professors!”

“The infiltrator squad in the first floor got wiped out! Other than the third floor, we’re being pressured from all sides!”

“Quickly, president! Issue us an order!”


I’m the one that leads this mess, the mess we call the student liberation army.


This was what happened around a week after new students entered the school.


“Isn’t professor Nicerwin amazing?”

“Yeah… the school completely changed. Lessons are actually worth paying attention to, you know?”

“He even recruited summoner knights… We really are one of the four greats, huh.”

“Well, class times got a little longer, but it’s bearable. We’re learning stuff, too.”


It happened around the time when the sun began to come down, exactly at the time when we were waiting for our teacher to dismiss us from school.


-Students, please get back to your seats. I repeat, please get back to your seats.


A school announcement rang across the entire campus. Since we usually don’t get school announcements, we all quietly sat down and listened.


-Hello students, this is Nicerwin Ein.


When these words were uttered out of the speaker, our professor walked into the class with a huge stack of paper. Are they doing a survey or something? When we began to think about this, the voice of Nicerwin Ein once again came on the speaker.


-Your professors must’ve arrived to your classes by now. Professors, please hand out the packets to the students.


The professors began to give us packets immediately. What was on this packet was…


“What the?”




It wasn’t a foreign language or anything. It was indeed the imperial language. But our brains were not able to register it. Why? It’s like how you don’t understand a math problem. In other words…


“What’s this?”


The one who answered my question wasn’t my professor, but rather Nicerwin Ein.


-Starting now… you will solve the problems on this packet. Those of you who fail to solve the problems will not be dismissed till 11PM.


…What did that mean? It’s 7:10PM right now, so… they’re telling us to stay for four hours? At that moment, our sluggish brains suddenly went into overdrive.


-In other words, this is night study time. Those who are able to solve everything may leave school. Those who are unable to solve the packet may work on something else. Working together is forbidden, but it is possible to assist yourself using the textbook.


“No way!”

“This is too much!”


Several students began shouting. Looks like everyone pretty much came back to their senses. And at the same time.




“W, what?!”

“A, an earthquake?”


The chairs we were sitting on began to vibrate. No, the entire school was vibrating. Then.






Something black appeared on the windows with a strange sound. Black… it’s similar to steel… no, maybe it is…


“Steel bars?”


One of the students uttered these words as he stared at the window. And…


-However, if you somehow make it past the professors and the adversities along the way… you will not have to stay for night study time.


The announcements ended with this.


Some students began to shout, and some students tried to reason with the professor at this point. However, the professor refused to listen to us.


And thus, the night study times began.


At that time, I wondered. I wondered who would run. Surely no student of Yugrasia would run away from his responsibilities. That was what I thought.




“Nerkia! Stop right there!”

I was the first one to go.

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