[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (4)

Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (4)

How many weeks had passed since I got the mission?

Dang it… D, did I do something wrong?!


Groups of black-clothed men whose appearances screams “I’m suspicious!” “I’m a murderer!” at me tries to kill me. W, what the hell?!


The only thing I did was to smuggle away a certain object the Organization had wanted for myself, and smuggle away a tinnnyyyy bit of money for my future. But when I came back to the rendezvous point, I found that all my comrades had been killed.


It was good that I had prepared for an attack thanks to smelling blood with this keen nose of mine. If I wasn’t prepared, I’d be dead.


I’ve been running around setting traps everywhere, but they keep catching up, which tires me out.





E, especially those wizards! Damn cheaters, I can’t use magic, damn it!

These invisible arrows and explosive magics are driving me crazy.


I’m evading them somehow, but they’d eventually surround me completely…


Who the hell is attacking me, though? I can’t really tell who they are, since I have so many enemies. If I just count the ones in the empire… The royal family, Raina family, Astraa family, Narhar family, Andrio family, Hers family, Nermia family, Harsen family, Macendria family… Mm, feels like I’m still missing a few.


If I sort them out according to recent events, the ones who would have a real grudge with me about now would be the royal family, the Raina family, the Narhar Family, and the Nermia family… The royal family has someone who’d sort things out for me, the Narhar family’s probably still confused about what’s going on… Mm, it has to be either the Raina family or the Nermia family. But… my villainous instinct tells me that might not be the case…


Ah, this is the problem with being a successful villain. Your wages go up, but hate against you goes up as well…




I killed one of the dudes running at me. I’m actually pretty strong. I can even win against a pretty strong swordsman!


Hmph! I’m still at my prime! My body is not at its twenties, but I have more experience, as well as tools.


First, I landed a counter to the idiot that just ran at me, sliced up the one who tried to come at me from behind then retreat, then dodged another invisible arrow.




I dislike magic. I don’t like it because I can’t block it. Life swords have a low range, but magic has a supremely long range, so it gets super annoying.



“K, keh!”


Well, it’s like I can’t take them out, though.


I threw some knives at where I thought the magician might be, and it’s an out! The people from this world seem to do things from the textbook or something. They just all decide to hide at the same locations.


They hide at a certain spot, they snipe from a certain spot, and they lay traps at a certain spot.


As long as you know where they might be, things get easy.


Like this, I run, and I run some more!


And around the time when I felt that I had escaped completely,




…Aah, that bitch! My sword! This stuff’s expensive!


I screamed that in my head, but my sword was already gone for good. It would be impossible to block a life sword unless I used a legendary sword or a sword made by a dwarf.


This means that a guy who uses a life sword has appeared! Of course, a few appeared already, but I got them before they could even use it. But this one was different. He was able to use it in an instant.


In other words, he was like a high class knight. Mm, I pretended to be strong earlier, but I can only fight with a high class knight who can’t use the life sword. I’d actually be screwed over if a middle class knight who uses the life sword appeared.


Why? That thing’s like a cheat code. Damage increase, range increase, weapon descruction capabilities, and physical buffs, even.


No matter how much I work, if a life sword appeared? Oh, dearest! Fudge. I’d even get screwed by teens! Well, teenagers who can get me would be real cheat characters, but since all my disciples can use the life sword nowadays, I’m pretty afraid of teenage life sword users becoming the norm nowadays.


Well, that’s that… Mm…


“Do I know you?”


The black-clothed man in front of me seems familiar. Mm… where did I see him? When I tried to run away with my half sword,


“Haah… I told you to restrain yourself a bit.”

“…You are?”


I remember this voice. That’s because…


“It’s been awhile, instructor.”


This guy’s my disciple.

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