[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (2)

Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… 

…Maybe I should actually retire.


I was currently staring at a single piece of paper in a pile of documents.


The paper told me to go take care of someone in a few days.


Hoho, it’s rare to give missions to instructors… No, before that, I just don’t want to do this… and I’d have to find a substitute as well…


I wanted to test Cia’s Life Sword Restricting Device, but now I gotta go on a trip?! Well, I am considered a pretty powerful force within the organization.

I knew a lot of different skills other than ones related to swords, and I also possess much information on all kinds of things.


It’s just… that I can’t use magic, nor can I use the life sword.


…The problem is, those two things are the most important in life. You can’t even become a knight without the life sword, and as for magic, even the peasants use it.


At first, I thought I had some problem with imagination, because I lived in a world without magic. But once I saw that I were unable to use artifacts, which were supposed to be usable by anyone with mana, I gave up.

In any case! I’m old now! I’m on the verge of retiring! So why are you guys giving me jobs?! Oh, and by the way, I have to find the substitute instructor as well.


If they were normal kids, I could just send in anyone… but there’s not many who can take on these children… Mm… I’ll have to combat poison with poison.


Poison for poison! Disciple for disciples! My former disciples should be able to handle this.


The damned first generation, who decided to become heroes instead of villains, are out. The second generation I created to combat the first generation is out, as they became too evil and greedy and made their own evil organization. The third generation is too weird, so they’re out. Therefor.


“…Instructor, I’m busy nowadays…”


The kindest of the fourth generation, and the one who got brainwashed the most!


His golden hair that reaches his shoulders shines in the sunlight, and serves to accentuate his face. He, whose annoyed face even manages to look like a tsundere, is one of my greatest life insurances in my old age, one of my 3 disciples in the fourth generation!


He is Hawel Ril Rein! He is a villain! In the Organization!


“…Busy playing with women.”

“This is still a job in the organization, you know?!”


He is the person who earns information and money from the Organization… he’s a host. In other words, an errand boy?


“Take care of my disciples for a while.”

“…Right, right. Are they my disciples?”



He asks this with shining eyes. What, you want to look good as a senior or something? You might get beat up by them, you know?


Hoho, come to think of it, I used to call him a monster, too. Sorry about that. You’re just a civilian. Or the kids I’m training now are the descendants of Super Saiyans or something.


I guess it’s like how Piccxlo was supposed to be the demon king, and then a planet full of Piccxlos appear, and a guy who destroys that planet, Frexza, appears.


I lowered my voice towards the excited man in front of me.


“Take care of my disciples for 3 weeks.”

“Ah… Aah…”


The man looked at the symbol of the head instructor in my hands, and fell on his knees with deeply moved eyes.


“Can you do it?”

“I’ll do it!”


The man politely brought his two hands towards me. And to him, I said,


“Then… I shall leave this bat to you.”


The moment the bat touched his hands, the man began to cry out of joy.


“…I’ll teach them with my life on the line!”


…you don’t have to go that far.

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