[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (6)

Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… 


I gulped out of nervousness. Shit…

To think that idiot would appear! Wait that means…


“The Organization, is it?”

“Well… Yes.”


The guy shrugs nonchalantly, but… What the hell did I do?!

Mm, did someone find out that I made a secret bank account for myself? Or did they find out that I stole precious metals from them?

Mm… D, did that find out that I went to the secret library? I, if it isn’t that, did they…


I keep thinking about what I might’ve done. While I did so, my former disciple sighed, and took up his sword.


“Why’d you have to take those kids as disciples! Things became just too dangerous!”


What? The hell you talking about? They became like that on their own! Wait, in the first place, what the hell did the kids even do?!


I keep thinking about why I have to get beat up by my former disciple as I dodge his attacks. I couldn’t come up with a proper reason. It’s good if the Organization gets stronger, right? So why are you attacking me for that?!




Damn it! My half-sword just became a no-sword. I tried throwing the handle, but the guy just went chop chop, and it was gone. And!


“I’ve been surrounded?”

“Well, Group 9 had been dispatched, after all. You know about them as well, right?”


D, damn it! Why did they have to send in the best group in the Darksword! Why are there people who can use the Life Sword as well?!


“Don’t worry about them. They won’t move while we fight.”

“You’re saying that when you already have me surrounded? I can’t believe it.”

“You were the one who taught me to run when you have the chance, though? I wouldn’t be able to catch you ever again if you run here.”


The guy’s eyes were turning red. He seemed to be using the Madness skill.


It was something a little different from the Berserker magic, something that was unique to him, who was a part beastman. Is this bastard actually trying to stab his teacher with all his power?


Even while knowing that… My humanity still tells me not to use that.


“K… Kuaa!”


The fighting aura soon turns into a murderous one. It was strong enough to make even my body tremble.


At that point, my rationality told me this.


[Screw your humanity! Just use it!]


Ok! Although this is just my rationality telling me this, it’s still a part of me! I come first over anything else!

My right hand began to heat up. At the same time, an annoyed voice entered my head.


-You bastard, you keep me imprisoned all this while, and you just call me out now that you’re in danger?

[Help me out here, damn it.]


-Hmph! As someone who got imprisoned in a dusty place like that, I have a lot of complaints?

[If I die, my disciples will destroy you, you know?]


-…How persuasive.

[Have some fresh air, why don’t you.]




It seemed to be filled with complaints, but I still got permission. At this moment, my former disciple who was half-mad right now charged at me. That idiot. He’s using the same pattern to attack me over and over again.


But then again, the last time he attacked me like this, I held it in my hands, and right now, I’m just summoning it.


I suppose the guy doesn’t realize that I can use something akin to a high-class summoning magic, as I’m the person who is often seen as “the man cursed by the gods.”




I stretched out my right hand towards my disciple’s attack.

At the same time.




A silver light brightened the night spectacularly.


5 thoughts on “[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (6)

  1. OMG haha. Poor him. You think your doing a good job but it turns out to be way too good people get nervous and try to murder you….


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