[RATH!] Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… (5)

Chapter 3. Aah… I’m screwed… 

3.5 Their Story

[1.5] A Certain Organization’s Story


“Groups 1 and 9 made their move.”


With these words, the surrounding area stirred greatly.


“Would they be enough?”

“The man cannot use the Life Sword. His abilities are great, but the gods have forsaken him.”

“If he could use the Life Sword, the greatest swordsman today would not be the one we have right now.”


The greatest empire in the continent, the Karuan Empire. Somewhere in the empire, every one of the leaders of the largest evil organization of the continent, Howling, had been gathered.


Just for a single instructor!


“…That man is too dangerous.”


Everyone nodded in dissent. The man’s battle experience was much lower than others, but his abilities by themselves were amazing.


His understanding of swords was high.

Although he couldn’t use the Life Sword, the basic sword moves he had come up with was something that everyone in the Howling Organization learn as soon as they came in.


His understanding of magic was also extremely high.

He just couldn’t use it. His knowledge of it, however, was said to rival the top scholars of the tower of magic.


His office work was unrivalled.

After he came, Howling’s structure began to become more and more like the one he had suggested in the past. That structure was more efficient, and easier to manage.


Lastly, he had a good eye.

Everyone laughed when he just picked two disciples in the biginning.


2 out of 40? An instructor’s rank was chosen based on the abilities of his students. But the man had only taken in two people.


Because of that, everyone laughed at him and his disciples. As a result, the two disciples ran away from the organization, and went onto become heroes. Only then did the organization realize how much of a monster the two disciples were.


But everyone thought that was just a fluke. But when he took on the second generation of his disciples, 4 out of 6 of them went onto create an evil organization that could rival Howling. Only then did the Organization realize. This man was the real deal.


The third generation seemed to strengthen that point.

There were only three disciples in this generation.


One of them had become the leader of the information department, one had become the leader of the financial department, and the other had become the leader of the strongest assassination department of the organization, the Darksword.


The fourth generation was a little weaker than the third generation, but they were still all extremely powerful.


The problem was, the man was treating the new generation as he did with all the other generations.


“Hmm… Teacher just doesn’t discriminate, I guess.”


All eyes went to the woman who said this. One of the men opened his mouth.


“You didn’t help him out of affection or anything, did you?”

“Hmm~ I may respect him, but I know where to draw the line.”

“…Well, there’s no one who doesn’t respect him, but there are also many who hates him.”

“…I suppose so. He’s strict, and…”


Did she remember something? Her smiling face instantly paled, and she began to tremble violently.


‘…Just what the hell happened to her?’

‘She seems to fear him a lot, despite being a disciple…’

‘To think even she could be afraid…’


“Hum, hum… Anyway! Not even teacher would be get out of this one alive.”


Cia recovered from her fear, and began to talk once more.


“Group 1 is skilled in killing, and Group 9 is skilled in surrounding. We also put the leader, the co leader, and the 6 group leaders in as well. It’s enough to destroy a small noble family overnight.”

“Even so…”

“Isn’t Rudh, the leader, a disciple of that man as well?”

“Right. There is a chance that Rudh might not kill him. But then again, there is no way that he wouldn’t fight. His goal is to be stronger than the teacher, after all.”

“Mm… Right.”

“Besides that, there is still one thing that we must talk about. The empire is trying to destroy us.”

“There’s quite a lot of nobles who have ties with us… The emperor must be gong senile.”

“Well, it would be good to use this chance to put the fourth prince as the new emperor.”

“Hm… I personally like the eighth prince more.”

“The second prince is pretty good as well.”


Like this, everyone began to discuss the princes they were supporting. In the end, the creator of the Organization, the man who ruled the night, opened his mouth.


“In any case.”


His quiet voice that seemed to be filled with power silenced everyone.


Then, he spoke.


“Let us take care of the rats in our midst.”

‘Teacher, this might actually be dangerous?’

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